12 Best Washing Machines in India 2023 – Buying Guide & Reviews


Washing machines have become an essential part of Indian homes. But when it comes to buying a washing machine, you need to make sure that you’ve done proper research about the types, capacity, features and programs of different models offered by different brands. Nowadays, there are wide varieties of models available in the market, and you have to be well educated before bringing home a brand new washing machine for yourself. Therefore, we will guide you through the process of making the right decision of choosing the right type of washing machine that suits your needs and budget.

Also, do check our Best Washing Machine – Buying Guide at the end to get a comprehensive idea about the different types of washing machine and the factors to be considered while buying the washing machine. Here are our top picks of the Best Washing Machine in India.

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Best Washing Machine in India

Best Front Load Washing Machine

1. LG 8 Kg Inverter Wi-Fi Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine FHT1408ZWL


Capacity of 8 Kg suitable for a family of four to five members
Spin speed of 1400 RPM
Inverter Direct Drive Motor
TurboWash Technology
Steam Wash
LG ThinQ with Wi-Fi

LG washing machines come with a lot of innovative technologies and features. This 8 Kg washing machine from LG is the best washing machine as it has got all the features and wash modes to make washing clothes a quick and easy task.

The main highlight of this best washing machine is that it comes with a Steam feature to remove germs and bacteria from the clothes. Its TurboWash technology helps to save water and energy by enabling fast washing of clothes. The machine is equipped with JetSpray that sprays clean water onto the clothes to facilitate a more efficient rinsing cycle.

It has 6 Motion Direct Drive technology to deliver powerful washing for different types of fabric by optimising the motion combinations.

The Inverter Direct Drive Motor ensures to reduce the noise, vibration and wear and tear of the machine.

You can operate the washing machine with a smartphone from anywhere with LG ThinQ app. With the LG ThinQ app, you can also download additional wash programs and diagnose any problems if any errors occur.

The Fuzzy Logic is a great feature, as it can sense the extent of dirt in the clothes and automatically adjust the water level, amount of detergent and the wash cycle accordingly to give the clothes the perfect wash.

Auto Restart feature will save time, water and energy by resuming the operation exactly from the same cycle where it stopped during the power cut.

What We Like

Stunning wash quality
Low power and water consumption
Silent operation

What We Don’t Like

Not easily portable as there is no handle

2. Bosch 8 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine WAJ24267IN


Capacity of 8 Kg suitable for a family of four to five members
Spin speed of 1200 RPM
EcoSilence Drive Motor
Large LED display

Bosch is a brand that offers sturdy and reliable washing machines. Bosch is well acclaimed worldwide for maintaining its German quality in the fit and finish of the products. This German powerhouse comes with a plethora of features to make the process of washing hassle-free.

The main aspect of this best washing machine is that it provides long-lasting performance and quiet operation, thanks to its friction-free EcoSilence Drive motor, which ensures minimising wear and tear of the mechanical parts of the machine.

The machine is equipped with a dual-sided VarioDrum to provide a thorough wash by protecting the most delicate fabrics.

The Anti Wrinkle feature helps reduce the formation of wrinkles in the clothes, making it easier to iron after every wash.

It comes with an Anti Bacteria programme to kill the bacteria in the clothes to provide hygienically clean laundry by washing the clothes at high temperatures. In addition, the SpeedPerfect programme ensures to minimise the duration of the wash cycle without compromising the wash results.

With the help of the ActiveWater feature, you can save water as it can sense the amount of load and fabric type, and it automatically adjusts the required water for washing the laundry. In addition, its Foam detection system helps to remove the excessive foam.

The Anti-Vibration Side Panels help reduce the vibration and provide greater stability during the washing and spinning processes.

Reload function enables you to add or remove laundry by pausing the operation of the machine.

What We Like

Excellent wash quality
Less noise and vibration
Great build quality
Less power and water consumption

What We Don’t Like

Quality of service not good in some areas

3. Samsung 6.0 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine WW60R20GLMA/TL


Capacity of 6 Kg suitable for bachelors and couples
Spin Speed of 1000 RPM
Digital Inverter Motor
Steam wash
Ceramic heater protects the machine from the build-up of scale deposit

This Samsung washing machine comes with a host of advanced features with an affordable price tag for making your laundry process an easy task.

The machine comes with a Diamond Drum with smooth, diamond-shaped ridges to provide gentle care for your clothes. Its small water exit holes prevent clothes from getting damaged or trapped.

Its Digital Inverter Motor ensures to provide long-lasting performance with superior energy efficiency and minimum noise.

The Steam cycle ensures thorough cleaning by removing dirt, bacteria and allergens from the clothes to provide maximum hygiene. It also has a Ceramic Heater to ensure hygiene and protect itself from water scale deposit.

Its Eco Drum Clean technology keeps the drum fresh and clean without using any hard chemicals, and it can also notify you automatically when it needs cleaning.

The Quick Wash program saves you a lot of time by cleaning lightly soiled clothes quickly and efficiently.

The wash cycle’s ending time can be preset with the Delay End feature. In addition, this washing machine features an LED display to provide information about the selected wash cycles.

With the Child Lock feature, your child cannot change the settings while the washing machine is in operation.

What We Like

Good wash quality
Easy to use
Low noise level
Less water and power consumption

What We Don’t Like

No marker for Dial

4. LG 7.0 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine FHM1207ZDL


Capacity of 7 Kg suitable for a family of three to four members
Spin speed of 1200 RPM
Inverter Direct Drive
Six Motion Direct Drive Technology
Smart Diagnosis with SmartThinQ app
Baby Care feature

Washing clothes is no more an uphill task if you have this LG washing machine. It comes with a host of features and wash modes that are sufficiently suitable for washing your clothes.

The washing machine comes with 6 Motion DD technology that moves the wash drum in multiple directions to provide customised washing for different fabric types.

With Inverter DD Technology, the motor is directly connected to the drum without any belt or pulley, thus enhancing the performance and durability of the machine and reduces the noise, vibration and electricity consumption.

The Smart Diagnosis feature can diagnose up to 86 errors by connecting the machine to the SmartThinQ app.

The Stainless Steel Drum prevents rust, germs and bacteria. It is equipped with a Heater to get rid of stubborn stains and allergens from the clothes. The Tub Clean feature of this washing machine facilitates removing dirt and water stains from the tub by heating the water.

Auto Restart feature resumes the wash exactly from the same cycle after the power is back from where it had stopped during a power cut.

Baby Care feature facilitates germ-free clothes for your baby by removing enzymes, bacteria and detergent residue from your baby’s clothes. The Child Lock feature disables the control panel keeping its settings safe from your children.

What We Like

Less noise and vibration
Good build quality
Excellent wash quality
Inbuilt heater

What We Don’t Like

Wash cycles are a bit long

5. IFB 8 Kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine Senator WXS


Capacity of 8 Kg suitable for a family of four to five members
Spin speed of 1400 RPM
4D Wash System
Cradle Wash
Aqua Energie Filter

IFB is known for providing some of the best washing machines with numerous features and inimitable design for consumers. This IFB washing machine comes with a lot of features to enrich your washing experience.

This washing machine from IFB comes with the revolutionary 4D Wash System. This system uses powerful water jets and showers to dissolve the detergent and soak the clothes, making it easier for the detergent to penetrate the clothes, and during rinsing, fresh water seeps into the clothes to wash off the detergent traces, thus ensuring a thorough wash and fresh look for your clothes.

The in-built Aqua Energie filter converts hard water to soft water by breaking down the bi-carbonates in the water to fine crystals. This helps the detergent to dissolve in a better way and to give clothes a better wash. This feature also prevents the accumulation of scale on the internal components of the machine.

The washer is equipped with an inbuilt heater. In addition, the LED display touch panel and LED-lit program selector knob enable high visibility for program selection.

With the Repeat Wash feature, you can save the wash settings and use them repeatedly for washing clothes. In addition, the Tub Clean feature eliminates the impurities, scaling, bacteria and unpleasant smell from the washing machine.

Cradle Wash provides a cradle-like gentle motion while washing, enabling you to wash delicate fabrics like silk, satin, lace, chiffon and babywear, thus ensuring a longer life for your delicate fabrics.

This front load washing machine comes equipped with smooth crescent moon grooves on the drum’s surface to provide gentle care to the clothes. This feature prevents damages to the fabrics while washing.

The Ball Valve Technology saves detergent from being washed away and lets only the water seeps out while washing. So the clothes receive adequate detergent for an enhanced wash.

The Child Lock feature locks the settings on the control panel, thus preventing your children from changing the settings while the machine is in operation.

High Low Voltage Protection continuously monitors voltage fluctuations to protect the machine from getting damaged. If the voltage goes above or below the normal level, the program pauses and resumes only when the voltage stabilises.

What We Like

Excellent wash quality
Less water and power consumption
Excellent drying
Silent operation

What We Don’t Like

Vibration at high-speed spin

6. LG 6.0 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine FHM1006ADW


Capacity of 6 Kg suitable for bachelors and couples
Spin speed of 1000 RPM
Six Motion Direct Drive Technology
Waterproof Touch Panel
Stainless Steel Drum
Smart Diagnosis with SmartThinQ app

This LG washing machine is one of the best-selling models in this segment. It offers a host of features and functions at an affordable price tag.

It comes with an Inverter Direct Drive technology reducing the noise and vibration while operating, and it also helps to minimise the wear and tear of the mechanical parts of the washing machine. In addition, it is equipped with a stainless steel drum that prevents the formation of rust, thus enhancing the life of the drum.

The washer uses 6 Motion Direct Drive technology to provide customised wash for different fabric types by moving the clothes in a combination of different motions to provide an effective wash.

The machine is equipped with a heater to eliminate any stubborn stains and allergens from the clothes.

Its Time delay function can be used to delay the finishing time of the wash cycle from 3 to 19 hours.

The Smart Diagnosis feature can diagnose up to 86 errors by just connecting the washing machine to the SmartThinQ app, thus saving time and avoiding unnecessary service visits.

This washing machine is equipped with a Waterproof Touch Panel so that so you need not have to dry your hands before operating it. The Fuzzy Logic determines the amount of detergent and water to be used for washing the clothes by checking the extent of dirt in the clothes.

In case of a power cut, the Auto Restart feature will resume the wash cycle exactly from the same position where it stopped when the power is back, saving time, water and energy.

The Child Lock feature can disable the control panel, thus preventing children from changing the settings. The Baby Care Feature provides germ-free clothes for your babies by heating the water at high temperatures to remove enzymes, bacteria and detergent residue from your babies clothes.

What We Like

Great wash quality
Low water consumption
Low noise and vibration
Easy to use

What We Don’t Like

No steam wash

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Best Top Load Washing Machine

7. Samsung 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine WA65A4002VS/TL


Capacity of 6.5 Kg suitable for a family of two to three members
Spin speed of 680 RPM
Magic Filter
Child Lock

This Samsung washing machine is one of the best fully automatic top load washing machines. It is the best model for budget-conscious people who do not want to compromise on the performance and durability of the appliance.

It comes with a unique Diamond Drum that washes the clothes effectively by its smooth, diamond-shaped ridges and at the same time, it is gentle on clothes. Its Centre Jet Technology generates jets of water from the centre of the pulsator to improve the quality of washing and prevent tangling of clothes.

The washing machine comes with a Quick Wash mode, which helps wash lightly soiled clothes quickly and efficiently. In addition, the Monsoon Drying feature creates a whirlwind of drying power to help you dry excess moisture from clothes, thus reducing drying time.

The magic filter gathers all the lint and particles from your clothes so that your clothes are neat and clean. In addition, the Eco tub clean feature keeps your machine fresh without the use of any harsh chemicals.

The Child Lock feature is a blessing if you have curious children at your home. This feature helps you lock the buttons on the control panel except for the power button so that the selected wash cycle cannot be changed.

What We Like

Easy to use
Good wash quality
Good drying capability

What We Don’t Like

No auto-restart in case of a power cut

8. LG 6.2 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine T7288NDDLG.ASFPEIL


Capacity of 6.2 Kg suitable for bachelors and couples
Spin speed of 780 RPM
Smart Inverter Motor
Stainless Steel Drum
Auto Restart
Smart Diagnosis with SmartThinQ app

Powerful performance packed with a plethora of features makes this elegant washing machine from LG one of the best washing machines in this segment.

This washing machine comes with an energy-saving Smart Inverter Technology that efficiently controls energy consumption by eliminating wasted operation. In addition, its waterproof motor doesn’t corrode and is highly durable.

It is equipped with a stainless steel drum, so there is no question of rusting and provides long life.

Smart Motion, combined with TurboDrum and precise Smart Inverter control, provides better performance, resulting in sparkling clean clothes.

TurboDrum ensures eliminating the toughest dirt by rotating the pulsator and drum in the opposite direction through a strong water stream. Punch+ 3 feature creates water streams in a vertical direction, pushing clothes up and down repeatedly to provide even washing.

Fuzzy Logic selects the most appropriate program by detecting the wash load. Tub Clean prevents unpleasant smell by sterilising the inner and outer tub.

If the washing machine encounters any problem, connect it to the SmartThinQ app or make a phone call to the LG Service centre. A diagnosis will be made through the SmartThinQ app, which saves time and eliminates unnecessary service visits.

When there is a power failure, the washing machine will start automatically from the same position where it stopped after the power comes back.

The machine features a soft closing wide glass door. Also, it features a child lock for locking all the keys on the control panel to prevent settings from being changed by children.

What We Like

Great build quality
Silent operation
Low power consumption
Stainless steel drum

What We Don’t Like

No hot water inlet

9. Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine WOE654W0IN


Capacity of 6.5 Kg suitable for a family of two to three members
Spin speed of 680 RPM
Stainless Steel Drum
Dual Dispenser
Soft Closing Lid
Power Off Memory Function

Bosch is one of the best brands to look for when it comes to buying the best washing machine. It offers a wide variety of front load and top load washing machines. This German engineered fully automatic top load washing machine comes with a lot of innovative features to make your job of washing clothes effortless.

For instance, the PowerWave Wash System enables a perfect wash to clean the toughest stain with its dynamic waterflow system and unique drum movement.

The Power Off Memory function can automatically resume the wash cycle from where it stopped when the power is restored after a power cut.

It comes with eight different wash programmes enabling you to wash almost any kind of clothes. In addition, the eight water levels that come with this machine provide an effective wash for heavily soiled clothes.

The One touch Start feature brings a whole new experience as it automatically selects the best programme and settings depending on the laundry load.

While washing, the Magic Filter traps all the small threads and lint coming out from the clothes. The Soft Closing Lid shuts the door gently without making any sound or accidental mishaps.

On the safety front, it comes with a child lock feature that ensures to lock all the keys on the control panel for providing an uninterrupted operation. In addition, when the lid is opened during the wash cycle, it automatically stops the operation.

What We Like

Great build quality
Silent operation
Numerous programmes
Easy to use

What We Don’t Like

Short drainage pipe

10. Panasonic 6 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine NA-F60LF1HRB


Capacity of 6 Kg suitable for bachelors and couples
Spin speed of 680 RPM
Stainless Steel Drum
Customised Wash Programs

Panasonic never compromises on quality. This Panasonic washing machine is quite pocket-friendly, considering the features and functions it offers.

Aquabeat technology ensures thorough cleaning, which results in fresh clothes after each wash. In addition, the Magic Lint Filter provided in the machine traps lint and dirt released from the clothes during washing.

The unique cube tub design creates a water magic flow for enhanced wash performance and reduces the tangling of clothes. In addition, this machine comes with Fuzzy Control Technology, which measures the weight of the load and suggests the required water level for washing the clothes.

With the One Touch Smart Wash, wash cycle, rinsing and drying time can be customised with the touch of a button to fulfil different washing needs.

Tub Clean and Tub Dry feature prevent the growth of bacteria to provide hygienic laundry performance.

Power Off memory function helps to resume the wash cycle from where it stopped in case of a power cut.

Customised wash programs like Normal, Jeans, Heavy, Delicate, Quick, etc., helps to set wash cycles according to the fabric type and washing preferences. In addition, air dry feature helps in removing the water with an improvised drying effect.

Stainless steel drum makes it resistant to rust, and metal body makes this machine highly durable. In addition, this top load washing machine is highly energy efficient with five stars energy rating.

What We Like

Good wash quality
Silent operation
Energy efficient
Stainless steel drum and metal body

What We Don’t Like

No digital display
No detergent tray

11. IFB 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine TL-RDW


Capacity of 6.5 Kg suitable for a family of two to three members
Spin speed of 720 RPM
3D Wash System and Triadic Pulsator Wash
Child Lock

This IFB washing machine comes with a multitude of features and functions to ensure that washing clothes is not a chore anymore.

The powerful Triadic Pulsator Cleaning Engine gives a spectacular cleaning experience by acting tough on stains and gentle on clothes by removing stubborn dirt with soft scrub pads. The powerful Swirl Jets will remove stubborn dirt from the fabric, and the mechanical centre punch action pushes the dirt out of clothes, making them clean.

Aqua Energie feature energises water to take the detergent deep inside the clothes and dislodge the dirt which is then followed by Aqua Spa Therapy in which the stubborn stains are shaken, loosened and rinsed away to give a sparkle to your clothes.

3D Wash with dynamic water jets and Bi-Axial clothes Rotation helps the clothes rotate horizontally and vertically for a complete 360-degree wash by thoroughly mixing the detergent with the water to loosen the dirt and ultimately wash away all the dirt and traces of detergent from your clothes.

Crescent Moon Drum prevents damage to the clothes while washing.

This top load washing machine features High-Low Voltage Protection which continuously monitors voltage fluctuations and temporarily stops the program when the voltage is not within the safe operating range.

Smart Sense option automatically weighs the laundry load and adjust the settings accordingly to save water and detergent usage.

Auto imbalance system automatically assesses the unbalanced clothes in the machine and takes additional water to redistribute the clothes to make the machine stable during the spin cycle.

What We Like

Smart sense feature
Easy to use
Child Lock

What We Don’t Like

Little noisy
No hot water inlet

12. LG 6.5 Kg Smart Inverter Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine T65SKSF4Z


Capacity of 6.5 Kg suitable for a family of two to three members
Spin speed of 780 RPM
Smart Inverter Motor
Stainless Steel Drum

LG, one of the most reputed and innovative brands, offers a wide range of washing machines. This washing machine from LG is one of the best washing machines in India. It is an ideal option for a small family.

This LG washing machine comes with Smart Inverter technology which saves energy by eliminating wasted operation.

The motor is surrounded by BMC Motor protection, leaving no room for dust, insects and humidity.

TurboDrum enables the drum & pulsator to move in the opposite direction through a strong water stream to remove tough dirt.

If any error occurs, then you can use SmartThinQ app to self diagnose the error.

Tub Clean feature eliminates unpleasant smell by sterilising both inner and outer tub.

Auto Restart feature will enable the machine to start exactly from the same wash cycle where it stopped during a power cut.

What We Like

Good build quality
Low noise Level
Low energy and water consumption

What We Don’t Like

No delay start
No inbuilt heater

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Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine

13. Samsung 7.2 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine WT725QPNDMPXTL


Capacity of 7.2 Kg suitable for a family of three to four members
Spin speed of 1000 RPM
Buzzer for notification
Rust Proof Body

This Samsung washing machine is an ideal option for people looking for an affordable washer and, at the same time, offers powerful performance for making the laundry an effortless job.

This Semi Automatic Washing Machine comes with a Double Storm Technology which creates a powerful water wave that moves clothes around and rubs them together for a better washing result. It also has a built-in scrub board with a series of ridges to provide a typical hand wash impact on the clothes to get rid of tough stains.

Centre Jet Technology creates jets of water from the pulsator’s centre to improve the washing quality and prevent tangling of clothes.

Air Turbo Drying System enables fast drying of clothes during the spin cycle by extracting more water from the clothes.

The washing machine comes with a detachable lint filter that collects loose threads and lint from the fabric to prevent blockages in drain pipes.

The buzzer lets you know that your clothes have been washed and have reached the end of the wash cycle. This semi automatic washing machine is equipped with wheels to move it around the home easily.

What We Like

Excellent wash quality
Anti-rust plastic body
Buzzer lets you know the end of a wash cycle

What We Don’t Like

Wheels are unidirectional

14. LG 8 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine P8035SPMZ


Capacity of 8 Kg suitable for a family of four to five members
Spin speed of 1350 RPM
Rat Away Technology
Magic Wheels for 360-degree movement

This LG semi-automatic washing machine offers some of the best-in-class features to make laundry an easy task.

This machine is equipped with a roller jet pulsator that rotates the clothes effectively to remove dust and mites from the clothes. The rollers fitted onto the pulsator will cause added friction to the clothes, resulting in a better quality wash.

The machine offers three wash programs to ensure a customised wash for every type of fabric.

The machine comes with a unique soak process that helps you soak clothes in a detergent solution to loosen tough dirt particles.

Air Dryer feature ensures to dry the clothes by 30%-40% faster than line drying.

The lint filter collects all the detached fibres from the clothes, preventing blockage of drain pipes and providing a better washing performance.

The spin shower system washes off all the detergent residue from the clothes during the spin cycle. In addition, its collar scrubber helps you scrub cuffs and collars, saving a lot of time and effort.

The machine is equipped with 360-degree magic wheels to shift the machine with ease from one place to another.

In case of a power cut, the Auto Restart feature enables this best washing machine to resume the washing process from where it stopped after power comes back.

Rat Away Technology ensures that the rats are kept away from the machine with its 3mm strong plastic cover with rat repellent chemical.

What We Like

Excellent wash quality
Fast drying of clothes
Low water and energy consumption
Rat Away Technology

What We Don’t Like

Little bit noisy
Short power cable

15. Whirlpool 7 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine SUPERB ATOM 7.0


Capacity of 7 Kg for a family of three to four members
Spin speed of 1400 RPM
Easy Mobility
End of Cycle Buzzer

A semi-automatic washing machine is a perfect fit for those who want a washer that is not too expensive. This washing machine from Whirlpool comes with an affordable price tag with a plethora of features to make washing clothes an effortless task.

The machine comes with Smart Scrub Station, which can be used to remove tough stains from the clothes. Scrub Station comes with a flow back design, allowing the water and detergent to flow back into the washtub after scrubbing the clothes.

Super Soak Technology helps to remove tough dirt by continuous soaking and scrubbing action for 25 minutes. The machine is equipped with an impeller that perfectly moves the clothes to remove the dirt effectively.

The machine comes with three Wash programs – Normal, Delicate and Heavy.

The machine is equipped with a Buzzer that sounds at the end of the wash cycle.

With Inbuilt Memory Auto Restart, the machine remembers the exact position where it stopped during a power cut and resumes the operation from the same position when the power comes back.

The waterproof panel protects the machine from damages by preventing water from getting inside the control panel of this semi automatic washing machine.

66 Litre large washtub enables you to wash clothes with the highest volume of water so that the clothes can freely move in the tub to remove the dirt.

The machine comes with four wheels for easy mobility.

The machine is equipped with a 340W powerful high efficient motor to provide a thorough cleaning by rolling the clothes in all directions.

What We Like

Excellent wash quality
Waterproof touch panel
Less water and power consumption
Fast-drying of clothes

What We Don’t Like

Separate water inlet for washer and dryer

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Best Washing Machine – Buying Guide


While buying a washing machine, there are some important factors you need to take into consideration, and those factors are type, capacity, programs and price of the washing machine. Let us discuss each of the factors to determine which washing machine will suit your needs the best.

Types of Washing Machine

Fully automatic washing machine

This washing machine comes with a single tub that acts as a washer and dryer. You don’t need to manually move the washed clothes into a separate tub for drying. Instead, the washing and drying process is done in the same tub from start to finish. This start to finish laundry process is done with a single touch of a button. In fact, once you’ve filled the drum with water, added the detergent, and chosen your wash cycle, you only need to take your laundry out once it’s cleaned. The fully-automatic washing machines are ideal for people who have a busy lifestyle and need to streamline the laundry process. The fully-automatic washing machine comes in two different types, and they are front load washing machines and top load washing machines. The programs and efficiency vary between the machines, depending upon the best washing machine brand.

Front load washing machine


A front-load washing machine is a fully automatic washing machine in which the clothes are loaded from the front side rather than through the top as the tub sits in a horizontal position. These machines offer excellent cleaning capabilities and a variety of wash programs. These machines usually consume less water, are gentler on clothes, are energy efficient and are quieter in the process of laundry. They can be easily fitted into worktops in kitchen or laundry rooms, making them look like a part of the design of the room. However, these machines are usually expensive compared to the top load washing machines.

Top load washing machine


Both semi-automatic washing machines and fully automatic washing machines come in the form of a top-load, meaning they have a vertical tub. In this type, the clothes are loaded from the top of the machine. The top load washing machine is good for people who want a machine that they don’t need to bend down to load the clothes. Top load washing machines are inexpensive compared to the front load washing machines. Fully automatic top load washing machines usually take up less space than the front load washing machines as fully automatic top load washing machines are narrower than its counterpart. 

Semi-automatic washing machine


This washing machine comes with two separate tubs, one for washing and the other for drying. This means that you will need to fill the water, add the detergent, drain the dirty water after washing the clothes, and manually move your wet clothes from the washtub to the spin tub to dry the clothes. Semi-automatic washing machines are mostly top load washing machines, and their main highlight is that they are inexpensive but take up a lot of space. However, they do the job of cleaning the clothes very well. Although semi-automatic washing machines require a lot of human intervention and consume a lot of time compared to automatic washing machine, they are energy efficient, as they use less water and electricity.

Important factors to be considered while buying a washing machine

There are different varieties of washing machines in the market that offer different features. It is important to know your needs and what kind of machine suits your needs. So before you bring home a brand new washing machine, here are some of the important factors you need to take into consideration.

Material of the tub

The washing machine tub comes in different varieties of materials, such as stainless steel, plastic and porcelain enamel, with steel being the most durable and resistant to rust. The plastic tub is light, hardwearing and cheaper but lasts longer than the porcelain enamel. On the other hand, porcelain enamel is the least durable and can chip in the long run.

Drum Capacity

The capacity of the washing machine is the weight of dry clothes that you can wash in one cycle. Most machines’ capacity would range in the size of 6kg to 12kg.

While choosing the size of the washing machine, you should take into consideration your washing needs and habits, that is, the size of the family and the number of washes you do per week. In most cases, a 7kg washing machine would serve a small family in India.

The exact amount of clothes you can wash in one cycle depends upon the size and type of your clothes. Generally, a 7kg washing machine can wash 35 cotton t-shirts in one wash cycle.

Wash programs

The wash types are named according to the intensity of cleaning required for different kinds of fabrics.


Normal, Regular or Cotton: This cycle is a combination of high-speed wash with a high-speed spin, making it harsher on clothes. This cycle is suitable for cotton and durable fabrics with average soil.

Heavy: This cycle is for sturdy fabrics like denim, towels and heavily soiled items. Like the Normal cycle, it uses a combination of high-speed agitation with a high-speed spin but lasts longer to remove stains and moisture as much as possible.

Delicate, Wool and Handwash: This cycle should be used for delicate and fragile items like silk, lingerie and lace. This cycle uses low-speed agitations and low-speed spin with a shorter wash cycle to prevent the stretching and ripping of fabric.

Quick Wash: This is an ideal wash cycle if you need your special shirt or uniform to be washed in under half an hour. This cycle is recommended only for lightly soiled clothes and not for heavily soiled items or delicate items. This setting generally comes with a shortened wash cycle and a high-speed spin cycle to shorten the drying time.

Spin Cycle

This feature is used for drying the clothes. The spin cycle is determined according to the type of fabric. The spin cycle is measured in Revolutions per Minute (RPM). The faster the spin of your machine, the quicker the laundry will dry. For instance, delicate or fragile clothes will have to be spun on a 300-500 RPM cycle, while heavy items like jeans will have to be spun on a cycle of 1000 RPM.

Fuzzy Logic

Washing machines can automatically determine the best washing conditions required to clean the clothes. The sensors in the washing machine evaluate the weight of the cloth, and it will decide the quantity of water intake, amount of detergent required, and the time to be taken to wash the clothes. Hence everything is done by the washing machine by itself.

In-built Heater

A washing machine with an in-built heater provides you with an option to wash clothes in hot water. Hot water wash can remove tough stains better than normal temperature water. So in order to get rid of tough stains, harmful germs and bacteria from your clothes, you will require hot water. So, a washing machine with an inbuilt heater helps to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

Time Delay

This feature helps in presetting a wash cycle in advance. For instance, you can load the washing machine with clothes, but if you don’t want to wash the clothes now, with the help of the delay start feature, you can set a time to start the wash later.

Child Lock

If you have curious children at home, this feature would be of great help to you. This feature helps you lock the buttons on the panel of the washing machine so that the chosen wash cycle set by you cannot be changed when your children try to play with it.

Noise Level

While buying a washing machine, look out for the noise level (dB) that a machine produces while spinning. The lower the dB, the less noise it makes in the process of spinning. If you live in a small apartment, choose a machine that produces less noise so that your neighbours will also be happy. Features like inverter motor and EcoSilence will help in reducing the noise level in a very significant way.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of a washing machine is certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Always check for the BEE star rating. The BEE Star rating labels will tell you how much electricity the washing machine will consume in a year. The higher the rating, the higher it would be on energy efficiency. Therefore, an energy-efficient washing machine helps in bringing down the electricity charges. An energy-efficient washing machine could be expensive, but it will help you to save a lot on the electricity bill in the long run.

Automatic Dispensers 


A washing machine with automatic dispensers can exactly figure out how much detergent is required for every wash cycle, thus saving your time and money. You can run any wash cycle without worrying about how much detergent to add. You can also avoid that nearly impossible search for that inconspicuous measuring line on the laundry detergent cap.

For instance, Bosch has come up with iDOS feature in their washing machines, which automatically dispenses the required amount of liquid detergent for every wash.

Whirlpool has come up with an Automatic Detergent and Softener Dispenser technology that allows you to load a large amount of liquid detergent & softener in your washing machine, and the machine dispense the correct amount for every cycle.

Pre-Wash Cycle

Pre-wash cycle is a great option if your family is involved in activities that lead to a lot of heavily soiled clothes. The pre-wash cycle will do wonders for removing the odours and dirt from clothes soiled from sports activities, gardening and construction work. The pre-wash cycle is also helpful for families with babies or toddlers in the house. The pre-wash cycle loosens the dirt and stains from heavily soiled clothes. Once the cycle is finished, the washtub is filled with fresh water to resume the wash cycle you have chosen, and your clothes are fully washed.

Extra Rinse Cycle

Extra Rinse Cycle ensures to flush out dirt, dust and detergent thoroughly with an additional rinse at the end of a cycle. This cycle will be helpful for people prone to allergies or sensitive skin. It should be noted that Extra Rinse and Second Rinse are the same.

Water Temperature

The best temperature for your laundry load should be decided according to the types of clothes, fabrics and colours. The easiest way to figure out what temperature the clothes are to be washed is to read the label on your clothing. With the right temperature, your detergent will work more efficiently and keep your clothes lasting longer. Follow these tips to wash the clothes at the right temperature:

Cold Water: If you have clothes with bright colours, washing in cold water will prevent colours from bleeding. Washable woollen and delicate clothes should be cleaned in cold water. Coldwater will not damage any washable fabric and is an ideal choice for any lightly soiled clothes. Coldwater also saves energy. Thus it is a good option if you want to be eco-friendly and save money.

Samsung Ecobubble washing machine suds the detergent before the cycle starts to dissolve the detergent better into the water and quickly penetrate the bubbles into the clothes to clean it quickly. This way, you can wash clothes effectively in cold water as you would in hot water.

Warm Water: Warm water can be used for washing cotton, synthetics, knits and denim. Most of your clothes can be washed without any significant fading or shrinking in warm water. Warm water is the best choice for any coloured garments that are moderately soiled.

Hot Water: Hot water can be used for washing white cotton fabrics, typically clothes that are worn or used close to the body like undergarments, socks, and bedsheets. Hot water is the best option to wash heavily soiled garments and to remove germs. However, make sure to check the clothing labels before selecting the hot option as hot water can cause discolouration, shrinkage and wrinkling to some fabrics.

Some Bosch models have an Allergy+ program that prolongs the wash cycle with high washing temperature and a longer rinsing cycle to effectively remove allergens from the clothes.


You should check the dimensions of the washing machine in advance to know whether it perfectly fits in your space at home. Doing so can help you put up the washing machine at the right place without making any alterations to the place. For knowing the exact dimensions of the model, check out the product page.

Washing Machine Technologies

Inverter Technology

Inverter Technology is a power-saving technology. Conventional washing machines have a motor that operates at a fixed speed, and it attains the optimum level only at full load. But in a washing machine with inverter technology, the machine can sense the laundry load and the speed of the motor changes according to the load. These motors are capable of operating at variable speeds.


This technology helps to save on the electricity bill as only a requisite power will be used for operating the machine by detecting the load of the laundry.

Direct Drive Technology

In Direct Drive Technology, the motor consumes less energy than motors found in conventional washing machines. In conventional washing machines, the motor powers the belts and pulleys to operate the gears that help spin the drum. Direct Drive washing machines have a very simple construction. The drum is directly connected to the motor without belts and pulleys, reducing the wear and tear of the mechanical parts of the machine. In Direct Drive, the speed of the motor is controlled by the Inverter by sensing the weight of the load, and power output is adjusted accordingly. Thus it increases the performance and durability of the machine.

Direct Drive also helps in reducing the tangling of clothes. The motor is turned with the help of magnetic induction in this technology. Thus it avoids the friction generated by the brushes in standard motors. In addition, the machines are structurally symmetrical. Thus it is more balanced and reduces the noise and vibration while operating. Therefore, this energy-efficient motor reduces noise and vibration and enhances the lifespan of the machine.


LG was one of the earliest manufacturers to use Direct Drive motor in washing machines. They introduced Direct Drive motor in a washing machine in the year 1998, which made their washing machines energy-efficient and helped reduce noise and vibration.


Bosch’s EcoSilence Drive is a direct drive motor. The company claims that their EcoSilence Drive washing machines are energy-efficient, strong, quiet and long-lasting. This motor is driven by magnets instead of brushes which means there is no more friction and, in turn, no more wear and tear or energy loss.

FlexWash, FlexDry and TWINWash

The FlexWash is all about flexibility. Samsung’s FlexWash comes with two separately controlled washers in the same unit to wash different types of laundry simultaneously, one that loads from the front and one from the top. The top drum is for small loads, while the main drum is for large loads.


Samsung’s FlexDry can dry in two separate ways by placing items that need gentle care in the delicates dryer on top and bulkier items in the main drum.


Similar to Samsung’s FlexWash, LG has come up with TWINWash Washing Machine, which can wash two loads of laundry at once. The top washer handles larger and sturdier clothes, while the bottom washer handles the delicates.

EcoBubble and Air Bubble Wash


Samsung’s Ecobubble technology generates bubbles to dissolve detergent in the water. The dissolved detergent quickly penetrates the clothes for effective cleaning, that too, with cold water. This technology helps to remove tough dirt and stains from clothes, even in low temperatures.

IFB has come up with a similar technology known as Air Bubble Wash, which helps to remove tough stains and dirt by generating numerous air bubbles that go deep into the fabric to provide effective cleaning.

6 Motion DD and SoftMove


LG’s 6 Motion DD technology provides optimised motion combinations for every type of fabric. LG’s 6-Motion DD technology provides 6 different wash motions that move the washing drum in multiple directions to give the fabrics the proper care while cleaning. LG’s 6 Motion DD comprises six types of wash motions, namely, Stepping, Filtration, Scrubbing, Tumble, Rolling and Swing.


Whirlpool’s 6th Sense SoftMove Technology can sense the load and adjust the speed of the drum rotation for different kind of fabrics. This means that if you’re washing your jeans and then switch to delicate fabrics like silk, Whirlpool’s 6th Sense can sense the load type and change its drum movements accordingly. Whirlpool’s 6th Sense SoftMove Technology comprises six types of wash motions, namely, Energic Wash, Power Shower, Colour Bath, Wave Motion, Slow Motion and Soft Cradle.

Drum Technologies

Most manufacturers have their own unique drum designs. The drum is designed to provide thoroughly cleaned clothes during the wash and spin cycles and to ensure that your clothes are not damaged in the cycle.

Samsung has introduced Diamond Drum in which the small water exit holes in the drum are 25% smaller and located deep within a diamond shaped surface to help prevent fabrics from sticking out and getting damaged. In addition, the surface of the diamond drum facilitates gentle washing of clothes.

Bosch’s VarioDrum is a uniquely designed drum to protect delicate and fine fabrics from any kinds of damages. As the drum rotates in one direction, the flat side of the panel facilitates a gentle wash for your clothes, and when it spins in the opposite direction, the steep side of the paddle provides a deep clean with its unique wave droplet design.

Soaking Technologies

Bubble Soak

Samsung’s Bubble Soak technology helps to remove stubborn stains with the touch of a button. The clothes will be thoroughly soaked in bubbles to loosen and remove the stains effectively with this technology.

Super Soak

Super soak is a cleaning technology introduced by Whirlpool. Super Soak Technology ensures to remove tough stains and dirt from the clothes by continuous soaking and scrubbing.

Noise Reduction and Anti-Vibration Technologies

In general, front load washers are quieter than top load washers. This is because most front load washing machines are equipped with counterbalance ball bearings or liquid balancing rings to dampen vibration. Direct drive motors, dampers, and sound dampening panels are the additional features to be looked into while buying a quiet washing machine.

LG has introduced the TrueBalance Anti-Vibration system, a combination of vibration sensor, ball balancers and damper, which helps reduce the vibration of the machine.

Samsung has upgraded its technology from VRT to VRT Plus (Vibration Reduction Technology Plus), making its washing machines 40% quieter than the standard VRT. VRT Plus helps in detecting vibrations caused by an unbalanced load with the help of sensors. Sensors transmit a signal to the Digital sensor processor, which then adjusts the motor to reduce the vibration.

Bosch washing machines have an AntiVibration design with spiral sidewalls and enhanced insulation to reduce the vibration during the spin cycle and prevent the machine from shaking while in operation.

Hard Water Washing

In India, hard water is a big problem. Water with high mineral content like calcium and magnesium is considered hard water. Some of the laundry problems that you might experience when washing your clothes with hard water are:

  • Dinginess, yellowing or greying of fabrics.
  • Stiff and harsh feel of fabrics.
  • Soil build-up on clothes.
  • White or grey streaks on coloured fabrics.
  • Weakened fibres can be easily torn.

IFB’s Aqua Energie series washing machine comes with a specialised device to improve the quality of water. It breaks the bi-carbonates in water into minute crystals and mitigates the tendency of the crystals to stick to any surface. This will make the crystals flow with water, reduce scaling on components, reduce detergent consumption, reduce detergent traces in clothes, and improve the wash quality.

Whirlpool’s washing machine comes with an added wash programme to maintain the clothes’ softness and colour by adapting the operations for washing in hard water by sensing the water type.

Smart Washing Machines

Smart washing machines can connect to your household Wi-Fi networks like your other devices, such as tablets and smartphones. You can then control your washing machine remotely using an app on your phone or tablet.

Smart washing machines come with a lot of useful features. You can start, pause and stop the wash cycles with your smartphone or tablet. It can detect issues and notify you instantly via the app, and you can also download extra wash cycles from the app. In addition, it will remember your most-used programs and suggest these programs when you’re setting your wash the next time.


Bosch uses Home Connect, an app that can start, stop and pause your wash cycles. It will even notify you when the cycle is finished. The other useful features that this app provides are that it recommends the programme for washing, sends push notifications to your smartphone to inform the current progress of the wash cycle and allows remote troubleshooting.


LG uses ThinQ, an app that enables you to do your laundry anytime, anywhere through your smartphone. It also has 20 additional wash programs that you can download from the SmartThinQ app. It also helps you to troubleshoot minor issues.


Samsung has launched a range of artificial intelligence (AI) powered Front Load Washing Machines in India, which comes with the latest Q-Rator technology that offers three smart features to manage laundry. These include Laundry Planner for scheduling an end time for laundry, Laundry Recipe gives automatic recommendations for optimal wash cycles, and the HomeCare Wizard notifies you about potential problems and provides quick troubleshooting. The AI-powered Q-Rator technology can be used once Samsung’s SmartThings app is downloaded.

Best Washing Machine Brands in India


BSH Hausgeräte GmbH (or BSH Home Appliances) is a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, which was started in the year 1967 in Germany by entering into a joint venture with Siemens. The BSH product range includes cooking appliances, dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, coffee machines and vacuum cleaners. Bosch has an R&D facility in Coimbatore and Bangalore, which is the largest outside its home market of Germany.


LG Electronics Inc. is a multinational company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. LG entered India in the year 1997, and its product range includes mobile phones, TVs, microwave ovens, washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners.


The Samsung Group is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Samsung entered the Indian market in the year 1995, and the company offers mobile phones, tablets, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and microwave ovens.


IFB Industries Ltd is an Indian company. IFB Industries Ltd was started in the year 1974 as Indian Fine Blanks Ltd in collaboration with Heinrich Schmid AG of Switzerland. They have manufacturing locations in Kolkata, Goa, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and Rudrapur. Their product range includes washing machines, clothes dryers, microwave ovens, chimney, air conditioner and dishwashers.


The Whirlpool Corporation is a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Michigan, United States. Whirlpool entered Indian market in the year 1960 in collaboration with Kelvinator International Corporation, U.S.A to manufacture and sell home appliances. The product range in India includes washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens and air conditioners. Whirlpool of India Limited is headquartered in Gurgaon, and it has its manufacturing units in Faridabad, Pondicherry and Pune.

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips


Proper maintenance of the washing machine can help you to avoid malfunctions that could put the appliance out of work or, in the worse scenario, leading to leaks and water damage.

Replace the water hoses

Check hoses once in every month for bulges or cracks. Replace the hose if you find any problem. It would be great if you change the hose every three years or so as part of a proactive maintenance program.

Move the machine

Always keep a check that there is at least four inches of space between the washing machine and the wall to prevent hoses from entangling.

Don’t overload the machine

Break up your laundry into smaller loads so that the washing machine does not get damaged. When oversize laundry loads get wet, the extra weight of the laundry could damage the components and put extra stress on the motor.

Clean the lint filter 

The lint filter collects the lint and dust particles from your clothes, make sure to clean it to help your machine run efficiently. If the lint filter is not cleaned, then it could affect the life of the machine. Clean the lint filter before or after every wash to prevent damages to your washing machine.

Descale your washing machine 

Ensure to clean your washing machine at regular intervals for smooth running. If you live in an area where only hard water is available, then you will have to descale your washing machine. In hard-water areas, calcium carbonate gets deposited on the internal components of the washing machine, which will eventually damage your clothes and your machine. So, it is recommended to use a descaling agent to clean up these deposits.

Prevent unpleasant odours and mildew

Leave the door of the washing machine open after each wash to dry the appliance. This helps to prevent the build-up of mould and mildew, keeping it smelling fresh.

Measure your detergent 

The washing machine manual will have instructions on the amount and type of detergent that would work best for your machine. Too much soap cause excess wear and tear on the machine and eventually damages your machine. Buy a detergent that is specifically meant for your washing machine to reduce any chances of damage.

Wipe down the drum, door and gasket

Make sure to clean the drum, door and rubber gasket of your machine to ensure that the machine doesn’t give off any unpleasant odours.

Clean the detergent and fabric softener dispenser

The fabric softener and the detergent dispenser in the washing machine should be cleaned to prevent the build-up of detergent and softener. Fabric softener and detergent build-up can clog and block the dispenser. If the machine is no longer dispensing fabric softener and detergent properly, you can clean it using a towel or toothbrush by running soapy water through the dispenser.

How to clean a washing machine?

After washing, immediately transfer the clothes from the washing machine to prevent musty odour. Many washing machines come with a special programme to clean the washing drum. If your washing machine doesn’t come with this programme, you can run a hot water cycle with the washing machine tub cleaner to eliminate odours and detergent build-up. Remove the detergent tray and use a toothbrush to clean it under flowing water thoroughly. Next, wipe the machine and door with a cloth to remove all the dirt and grime. If you have a front loader, make sure you wipe the rubber gasket to prevent mould growth.

Best Washing Machine – FAQs

Are front load washing machines better than the top load?

Front-load washing machine does a better job than the top load in cleaning the clothes, and they use less water and are gentle on the clothes while washing. But they are more expensive than the top load.

How often should I descale my washing machine?

It depends on how hard the water is and the type of detergent used for washing the clothes. Most of the companies recommend descaling the washing machine after every three months.

Are front load washing machines quieter than top load?

Front-load washing machines are quiet and create less vibration. This is because they come with more advanced motors and suspension systems.

Are inverter washing machines better?

Inverter washing machines come with a brushless motor, so there is less friction as they have less moving parts and don’t require a lot of maintenance. As a result, the inverter washing machines make less noise and consume less energy than conventional washing machines.

Should you leave your washing machine door open between washes?

Leaving the washing machine door open after every wash allows the moisture to escape. This helps in preventing the build-up of mould and mildew. Thus clothes do not smell musty.

Do all front load washing machines have mould problems?

Mould problems are very common in front load washing machines. The main reason for this is the rubber gasket that creates an airtight seal when the door is closed. This causes humidity inside the machine to create a build-up of mould in the rubber door gasket and detergent dispenser.

How often should you clean the front load washer?

It would be great if you clean your washing machine every month. However, if you wash heavily soiled clothes or live in a hot and humid area, you should clean the machine more often, and if the machine starts giving out a bad odour, you should consider giving it a thorough clean.

Why is my washing machine vibrating excessively?

Make sure the washing machine is installed correctly. Consider levelling the machine. Underloading and overloading the washing machine can also cause excessive vibration. Consider removing some clothes from the washer if it is overloaded, and you may add few more clothes if it is underloaded. The heavier clothes could sometimes bundle up together and cause imbalance, so reposition the load accordingly.

How long should a washing machine last?

Washing machines on an average last for about 10 years. There have been instances in which people using a washing machine for up to 14 years and 20 years.

When should you replace a washing machine?

The washing machine shows signs that it is nearing its end. The most common signs that they show are excessive leakage, noise while operating, failing to remove the dirt from clothes, water doesn’t fill the drum and a sudden increase in your electricity bills.


We hope you got an idea of which all factors are to be considered while buying a washing machine. You’ll find different types of washing machines at various price points and sizes. Regardless of the type of washing machine, look for wash cycle options that you would regularly use to wash the clothes. The other features to be looked into are water level options and water temperature settings. Finally, don’t miss features like drum material, dispensers for detergent and softener, steam, extra rinse, presoak, and end-of-cycle buzzer. So decide accordingly what all features you would need to wash your clothes.

Also, decide in advance where to put up your new washing machine in your home. Find a place in your home where you get easy access to the power socket, water supply connection and waste lines.

Finally, read the manual instructions before you start operating the machine. Owner’s Manual is a great resource to understand the features and functions of the washing machine and how to use these features and functions properly.


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