Front Load Vs Top Load Washing Machine – Which one should you buy?


Planning to bring home a new washing machine? But to be or not to be in the middle of the top load and front load washing machines and totally confused which type would meet your requirements. Then here is our definitive guide for you to choose between the front load and top load washing machines.


Top load washing machines are more convenient to use as there is no need to bend down to load and unload the clothes. But in front load washing machines, loading and unloading are practically difficult for the older people and those who have back pain. You can consider mounting your front load washing machine on a laundry pedestal to reduce the bending.

Last Minute Laundry

The top load washing machine allows you to add clothes during the wash cycles. But it is hard to add clothes mid-cycle in front load washing machines. The door of the front load washing machine locks itself to prevent leaks when the machine is operating. But if your front load comes with a pause button, then you can add more clothes mid-cycle.


The front load washing machines are more efficient at cleaning the clothes and are gentler on clothes than the top load washing machines. Front load tumbles the clothes in an up and down motion similar to hand washing to get the best results.

Wear and Tear on Clothes

The front load causes less wear and tear to the laundry as it does not have an agitator. The central agitator in top load washing machines can rip out the clothes while washing.


The capacity in front load washing machines is much higher than the top load washing machine due to the absence of an agitator on the central part of the drum.


Front load washing machines are expensive than top load washing machines. But front load washing machines provide a better quality of wash and are also energy and water-efficient. So, the high price you pay initially is compensated for low energy costs in the long run.

Water and Energy Consumption

Front load washing machines consume less water, electricity and detergent than the top load washing machine. Front loads are highly energy-efficient, and this is the main highlight of the front load washing machines.

Cycle Time

The wash cycles in front load are time-consuming. Top load washing machines at the same time take only less time to complete the wash cycles.

Noise and Vibration

The noise and vibration in front load washing machines are very less than the top load washing machines. Most of the front load washing machines come with a vibration control feature to reduce the noise and vibration during the spinning and washing process.

Cycle Options and Features

Front load washing machines come with a host of features and cycles to wash clothes of every type. Most front load washing machines come with heater and steam functions, even in the lower models. But top load washing machines get these features only in their high-end models at a premium price.

Spin Speed

Front load washing machines also have high spin speed than top load washing machines, which help in the quick drying of clothes. The spin speed is measured in RPM (Revolutions per Minute). Higher the RPM lower the drying time.

Mould and Mildew Problems

One of the biggest issues found in a front load washing machine is the formation of mould and mildew on the rubber gasket of the door. So the front load washing machine requires a lot more maintenance than the top load washing machine. To prevent this issue, keep the door ajar in between the wash cycles to dry the machine. Top load washing machines don’t have this problem as the water doesn’t get trapped in the seal while washing.


Many people do not have enough laundry space in their homes to accommodate the washing machine and dryer. So the best option for these people is to stack the front load washing machine with a dryer. Thus you can save space in your home.


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