What is Inverter Technology in Washing Machine?


Inverter washing machines are silent and highly energy-efficient than conventional washing machines that come with brushed motors. These inverter washing machines are equipped with a brushless motor. The brushless motor ensures reduced friction between the mechanical parts and improves the durability of the washing machine. Brushless motors or Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) also facilitates optimum use of electricity at variable speeds. This makes the washing machine highly energy-efficient, thus helping you to save energy costs. It also makes less noise and vibration during the washing and spinning process.

The working of Inverter Washing Machine

A washing machine with inverter technology operates at an optimum speed based on the laundry load. The speed varies according to the laundry load. But in a conventional washing machine, the motor operates most efficiently at optimum load, and the speed does not vary according to the laundry load.

The sensors on the inverter washing machine detect the laundry load and operate the washing machine at an optimum speed based on the laundry load.

This technology will be of great help if you wash clothes of different load sizes as it can adjust the speed by itself, determining the laundry load.

Washing machine with innovative inverter motor is also a clear winner when it comes to efficiency as it provides maximum power with minimum electricity consumption. The silent operation is another major highlight of this technology as it makes less noise and vibration during the washing and spinning process.

Conventional washing machines have a lot of mechanical moving parts. The belts and pulleys or the brushes attached to the motor make a lot of friction and increase the noise and vibration during washing and spinning. It also increases electricity consumption due to the heavy use of mechanical parts.

But in an inverter washing machine, there is no belt or pulley attached to the motor. Inverter technology uses magnets for running the motor. Thus the wear and tear of the mechanical parts are reduced due to the absence of brushes making it more durable and reliable in the long run than a conventional washing machine and eliminates the need for frequent maintenance. This technology is a money saver as it reduces electricity consumption due to less use of mechanical parts in the washing machine.

Benefits of Inverter Technology

The friction-free motor reduces electricity consumption.
Brushless motor reduces noise and vibration while operating.
Reduced wear and tear of mechanical parts eliminate the need for frequent maintenance.
Reduced friction enhances the durability and reliability of the machine.

Top brands that manufacture inverter washing machines

There are plenty of brands manufacturing inverter washing machines. Samsung, Bosch and LG are the frontrunners in this segment.

LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine


LG Smart Inverter Technology comes with a compact motor that efficiently controls energy usage by providing optimum speed according to the laundry load. This technology enhances the durability of the machine and reduces noise and vibration while operating.

Samsung Digital Inverter Technology


Samsung Digital Inverter Motor uses magnets for operating the washing machine. This results in reduced friction and energy usage and provides a smooth and quiet operation of the machine. As the motor is brushless, it runs much cooler than conventional washing machines. The durability of the machine is also enhanced due to less moving parts.


Both top load and front load washing machines come with inverter technology. They are more expensive than conventional washing machines. Still, the extra cost you pay for a inverter washing machine can be easily compensated on electricity savings and service costs as most of these machines come with a long warranty period of about 10 years.


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